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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Targets

Paul’s majority alliance has ran the house for virtually the entire summer, but now that they’re getting the last person not included in their alliance out this week, they’ll finally have to start turning on each other, making for an interesting few weeks.

Paul has placed himself in the center of each of the factions inside the majority alliance, which was bound to happen when you have an alliance that consists of eight of the nine people left in the house. You have Matt and Raven, Alex and Jason, then Christmas and Josh who are all teamed up separately within the main alliance. Each of those three duos genuinely believe that Paul is 100% with them, when in reality he’s only with one.


We’ll start with Alex and Jason, who are arguably the most convinced that Paul is with them since Alex doesn’t believe that Paul can go back on his “Friendship” brand without losing fans, which she doesn’t think that Paul wants to do. Since they think they’re so close with Paul, their targets going into next week are Matt and Raven. Both are likely to go up, but the actual target would be Matt, though they wouldn’t have an issue with getting Raven out if they had to.

Christmas, Josh, Matt, and Raven are all on the same page when it comes to what they should be doing next week. They each want to put Alex and Jason on the block, tell them that they’re pawns in order to get Kevin out, but actually evict one of them on Thursday. Even if Kevin were to end up on the block, either Alex or Jason, depending on who was nominated, would be going home.

This leaves Paul, who arguably holes the most sway. He is actually closest to Christmas and Josh, but Josh specifically, who he presumably believes he has the easiest shot at beating in the final two. Paul is completely on board with the plan to nominate Alex and Jason, though he’s very unlikely to be the one to win HOH and do this himself, since he has both Josh and Raven promising that they’re willing to do the dirty work. Originally Paul told the viewers at home that he wanted to keep Alex around until at least final six since she’s arguably a bigger target than him, but he has since changed his mind, telling Christmas, Josh, Matt, and Raven that Alex has to go first, stating that she’s clearly the bigger target of the two.

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