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Big Brother 19: Week 9 POV Results

This week’s veto competition will determine the type of week we can expect, as the winner really did determine whether we were just going to see a blindside on Thursday or get a week of paranoia and dread.

Jason nominated Matt and Raven under the guise of just using them as pawns in order to get Kevin out, but in reality Matt is everyone’s main target this week. Josh, Kevin, and Paul were selected to play alongside the the two nominees and HOH. Matt and Raven were promised that the veto would be used on Raven, but instead they wanted someone who would keep the nominations the same to win, which would solidify that one of Maven would be going home and they’d just be waiting to be split up for the entire week.

Jason won the Power of Veto, which makes things interesting as he’s going to have to make a choice on whether he wants to use it or not. Kevin is someone who has been his buddy, but he might put him up as a pawn anyways just to keep Matt and Raven thinking that they’re going to be fine, when in reality it’ll be Matt who is going home.

Now we wait until Monday to see if Jason will keep his promise to Raven by using the veto on her or if he’ll keep the nominations the same and letting Matt and Raven know that one of their fates is sealed.


Update: As of Sunday night, Jason is planning on not using the Power of Veto.

  • Mommymooo

    Send Paul up!!! Make him be the pawn! Then send his as s home!

    • Grandma

      Oh if Jason only would ….

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