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Big Brother 19: Week 9 POV Competition Plans

The Power of Veto competition will be played later today, but the houseguests chose players for it last night, which gave them plenty of time to make any plans for it.

Josh, Kevin, and Paul were chosen to play alongside Jason, Matt, and Raven. Matt and Raven are convinced that everyone but Kevin is in on the plan to backdoor Kevin this week by using the veto on Raven, but in reality everyone is in on a secret plan to get Matt out this week. Originally the plan was to just use the veto on Raven and put Kevin up since that would keep Matt and Raven complacent for the week, but that plan has since changed.

Instead of using the veto on Raven. Jason, Josh, and Paul discussed throwing the veto to either Kevin or Josh if they’re given the chance. Their reasoning is that Kevin wouldn’t use the veto, which would also absolve them from any blame from Matt and Raven, since they can’t be held responsible for what Kevin chooses to do. Josh said that he also wouldn’t use the veto no matter what if he were to win it, so that is another person who it might be thrown to.

If someone who doesn’t plan on using the veto, Josh and Kevin, win it and follow through on that plan, we could be in for a fairly interesting week when it comes to seeing how Matt and Raven respond to knowing that one of them will be going home this week.

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