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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Nomination Ceremony Results

Things will quickly become more interesting now that we’ve made it to the final eight, as the majority alliance that has dominated the house has no choice but to turn on each other.

Jason winning HOH this week put a stop to Christmas, Josh, and Paul’s plan to get Alex out this week, which means that they’d have to settle for what they viewed as their third best option. That being said, the trio at the center of the two factions don’t have many qualms about who this week’s target is going to be.

Jason nominated Matt and Raven. Matt and Raven are convinced that they’re pawns in order to get Kevin out, but that isn’t the case. The actual target is Matt. Alex, Christmas, Jason, Josh, and Paul even plan on using the veto in order to put Kevin up next to Matt so that it keeps Matt and Raven calm for the week, but will end up taking Matt out anyway during Thursday’s eviction.

If Matt and Raven do somehow catch wind of the plan to evict one of them or take serious issue with being nominated, we could be in for a somewhat interesting week, as Matt and Raven already don’t like Alex and Jason for what they believe are at least one of the two rogue votes for Mark to stay during last night’s eviction. We’ll just have to watch and see what pans out this week.

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