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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Eviction Plans

The eviction tonight could’ve been a fairly interesting one, but Matt made sure that wasn’t the case by breaking the rules and taking a penalty vote days before the eviction.

Jason nominated Matt and Raven this week under the guise of wanting to backdoor Kevin. When he won the veto and blindsided Matt and Raven at the veto ceremony by not using it, all hell broke loose. Matt called Jason virtually every name in the book with Raven yelling at him as well. Jason and his allies were actually debating on whether or not they should sent home Raven first, but Matt made sure that didn’t happen.

Matt decided to break have-not rules by eating normal food, taking hot showers, and sleeping in normal beds. Despite breaking several rules, he only got a single penalty vote for it. That one penalty vote pretty much ended the debate on who they should send home and Paul’s big alliance agreed that they should just send Matt to jury.

The one wonky vote that we might see if Kevin voting out Raven out of spite, as the two got into a big fight that we missed while the feeds were down for some unknown reason. It’s also possible that Paul’s group agrees for one of them to throw a vote, but we’ll have to wait and see.


I’d like to remind everyone that Thursday Night Football will be interrupting the eviction episode broadcasts all over the country, so make sure to check the full list of all those areas affected by clicking here!

  • Athan Broers

    With only one penalty vote, the vote could be split and Jason the deciding vote.

    It would be hilarious to call Matt into the DR under the guise of a goodbye message to Raven and then not let him back in the house. And we get to see his reaction when production tells him he’s been evicted from the game all together.

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