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Big Brother 19: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Plans

It’s veto meeting day, which means that we’re going to be getting our final nominees of the week, which will give us a pretty clear picture on who will end up going home this week.

Christmas nominated Jason and Matt this week, with the plan seemingly to backdoor Mark, though they wanted to keep Jason on the block as a backup target if need be. However, that secondary plan was scrapped after Jason won the veto, ensuring his safety for the week and solidifying the original plan.

Jason will use the veto on himself and Christmas is likely to put Mark up. Mark tried campaigning to Christmas and Josh last night, but they weren’t able to convince Christmas to put up someone other than himself. What he was able to do is move Alex up in front of Jason on the pecking order, but that isn’t going to save Mark’s game.

Mark has been cordial with the rest of the house all week, knowing that he’s likely to go home, which means that the odds of us having any serious drama for the rest of the week are slim to none. The veto meeting should be sometime around 1PM PST, so make sure to check back for the official results then!

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