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Big Brother 19: Week 8 POV Results

This week’s power of veto is another important one, as we’ll either see the house finally have to turn on each other or see their final target have their fate sealed before it’s just them left.

Christmas nominated Jason and Matt with the intention of backdooring Mark. While the backdoor plan ultimately failed since Mark was chosen to play in the veto competition anyway, they still had the chance to get him out, so long as Mark didn’t win it. There was clear backup targets in place, but Mark remained public enemy #1.

Jason ended up winning the Power of Veto, securing his safety for the week and solidifying the plan to get Mark out. Christmas and Paul were actually bummed about Jason winning, as it took away their option of getting Jason out this week, though the pair agreed to target him next week.

Now that Mark is almost certainly going home this week, that means that Paul’s group, which will make up literally the entire house once Mark is gone, will have to finally turn on each other. Paul, Christmas, and Josh’s target is Jason, while we don’t know exactly what Alex and Jason’s faction of that majority alliance will do. Since Mark has been level-headed about being targeted, it’s fairly unlikely we see any big fights for the rest of the week. The bulk of the game talk will go towards the new plans moving forward.

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