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Big Brother 19: Week 8 POV Ceremony Results

Today’s veto meeting will be the final nail in coffin of everyone’s target this week, meaning that there is virtually nothing that can be done to change the outcome of Thursday’s eviction.

Christmas nominated Jason and Matt this week with the intention of getting neither out. The actual plan was to backdoor the one person remaining in the house that isn’t included in Paul’s majority alliance, which is now makes up the entire house, minus one. Any chance of the plan being switched up mid-week was thrown out the window after Jason won the Power of Veto.

Jason used the power of veto on himself. Christmas nominated Mark as the replacement nominee. If the plan was going to switch up, it would have been to evict Jason, but that isn’t an option anymore. Mark has been cordial with everyone in the house, which means that any drama this week is unlikely.

With the outcome of this week being a foregone conclusion, the only thing we have to look forward to is next week, as that alliance will have to start eating itself, which will leave us with plenty of potential for serious drama throughout the week. Even though unlikely, we’ll be sure to keep you updated if anything to the plan does change.

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