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Big Brother 19: Week 8 Nomination Ceremony Results

Since the feeds were down for over 30 hours because of the special Friday episode, we had no idea of who was nominated until the feeds finally returned, hours after the actual ceremony.

We found out who won the Head of Household competition because of a leak that happened about 10 hours before the feeds returned, but what we didn’t know who is she nominated. Being that Christmas works closely with Paul’s majority alliance, which makes up literally the entire house except for one person now, it was pretty clear who her main target would be.

Christmas nominated Jason and Matt. Both of these are clearly pawns, as Mark is the only one who is a clear threat to Christmas’ game. While Christmas has become suspect of Paul, the two got closer than they already were when they were strapped together because of the veto competition punishment.

The Power of Veto competition is tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll get a pretty good idea as to how Thursday’s eviction will turn out. If Mark does win, we could be in for a fairly interesting week, as the majority alliance will know that one of them willing be going home, causing some cannibalization among their own ranks.

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