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Big Brother 19: Week 8 HOH Competition Results

The feeds were down following the double eviction, which meant we were left in the dark on who won the HOH. However, thanks to a consistently accurate leaker, we know who won.

I wouldn’t be posting this early if I wasn’t 100% certain the the leaks were accurate. To put this into context, this person also accurately leaked Megan’s self-eviction, the wall HOH competition, Cody winning the battle back, the haunted house temptation competition, the date of the halfway party, the double eviction time, and Derrick’s appearance on the show. Now he has leaked who won the HOH competition.

CHRISTMAS won the Head of Household, with allegedly Paul being the one who threw it to her. This means that it’s going to come down to the Power of Veto competition if Mark wants to save himself again, as Christmas is in tight with Paul’s group and Mark is the obvious target. We don’t know who her second nominee would be, but it’s going to have to be someone who she is close to, as now it’s quite literally the entire house vs one person.

If Mark does manage to win veto, Matt will likely be her replacement target. The nomination ceremony either hasn’t happened yet or hasn’t been leaked, so make sure to check back soon, as we’ll be posting those as soon as they’re revealed.

Also, if you’re wondering what tonight’s show will be; It’s a clip show with Derrick essentially being the host of it. This was also leaked by the same person who leaked everything above.

  • Sherri Solomon Pearson

    What is so special about a clip show? Rather would have had our feeds. Lol.

  • dcatlady2006

    Tell whoever “leaked” info thank you as I cannot WAIT, & LOVE the spoilers. This season would kill me if it weren’t for the spoilers. I dream BB!! Now it’s up to Mark. It’s Mark against the whole house….er rather Paul!

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