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Big Brother 19: Week 8 Eviction Results

We’ll finally be getting down to the final eight after tonight’s eviction, which is when things will finally start to get interesting, as the majority alliance begins to turn on each other.

When it comes to orchestrating a plan and executing it, Christmas’ was done to virtually perfection this week, with basically everything that she wanted to happen ended up happening. She nominated Jason and Matt, hoping that Mark wouldn’t get drawn to play in the veto. Mark did get drawn to play in the veto, but their plan ended up working anyway.

Jason won the veto, going on to take himself off the block and make it so that Christmas could nominate Mark alongside Matt. Mark tried campaigning quite a few times, but we just never able change anyone’s minds. His only hope was if Jason was left on the block, but that just didn’t happen.


Big Brother 19 Week 8 Votes –

  • Alex voted to evict Matt
  • Jason voted to evict Matt
  • Josh voted to evict Mark
  • Kevin voted to evict Mark
  • Paul voted to evict Mark
  • Raven voted to evict Mark
  • By a vote of 4-2, Mark was evicted


This now leaves everyone who has been working together for at least a month. There are factions within the majority alliance, but they’ll soon have to start targeting each other, as there is nobody else left in the house for them to all target together. Tonight’s HOH will be on the live feeds, so make sure to Follow Us On Twitter for live updates throughout!

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