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Big Brother 19: Week 7 POV Results

This week’s veto competition had the potential to be one of the more consequential competitions of the summer, but that was quickly proved wrong once the players were chosen.

Mark and Paul were chosen to play alongside Alex, Elena, Jason, and Matt. This leaves Cody completely vulnerable to a backdoor without anyway to fight for his safety. Every single person who was chosen to play in today’s competition is in on the plan to get Cody out and would use it to ensure that he goes up, taking the suspense out of this week’s results.

  • Matt won the Power of Veto
  • Mark won a trip to Colorado
  • Elena won $5000
  • Jason has to wear a unitard
  • Paul and Christmas have to be chained together
  • Alex has to cook the houseguests hot dogs on command

While it may seem like there isn’t going to be a replacement nominee this week with Matt winning, he’s not going to use it on himself. He’s likely to use it on Jason, as that is what Alex will tell him what to do and he made it clear that it was Alex’s HOH, so she’s the one who gets to decide. It seems that Cody’s fate is sealed, unless the target turns to Elena, which is possible since the houseguests aren’t happy about her taking the $5000.

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