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Big Brother 19: Week 7 Nomination Plans

While this week may seem fairly clear cut, the odds are something going wrong with the actual plan are high with only one person being the main target instead of the usual two.

Alex won Head of Household, making the obvious target Cody. It just came down to choosing how to go about targeting him, and instead of putting him up right and securing a spot in the veto competition, Alex decided that she wants to use two pawns and have someone throw the temptation competition to take away that third nominee spot from Cody.

Alex originally wanted to nominate Matt and Elena, but was talked out of it by Paul, who said that they’d be pissing off two showmances by doing that, potentially driving them into the arms of Cody. Paul instead said that they should nominate Mark and Elena. When Matt said that he actually wanted to go up, Paul was still against it, saying that Matt and Raven are trying to protect Elena by doing that. Josh was against it too since he would have to be the one to throw the safety competition if it wasn’t going to be Matt.

They seemingly settled on nominating Mark and Elena with the intention of getting out Cody. If they’re unable to get out Cody, the second in line would be Mark, and the third in line would be Elena, meaning that no matter who the replacement nominee is, they should be safe. The plan if Mark or Elena were to win the safety competition is for Matt to then be the replacement nominee. Matt is the one who is currently planning on throwing that competition to ensure himself as the third nominee.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this it Big Brother and plans can change on a dime. We could very well see Matt and Elena being nominated today.

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