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Big Brother 19: Week 7 HOH Competition Results

It’s going to be another very crucial week in the Big Brother house as we’re heading into a double eviction next week, meaning that whoever wins tonight will be completely vulnerable next week.

Following Jessica’s eviction, Cody was obviously out for blood. He made it clear to Jessica before she left that he was going to take out as many people as possible and cause mayhem, though he did say that he wasn’t going to be talking to anyone once she left. If either Mark or Cody were to win tonight, it would make Paul’s first time of actually being in trouble this summer.

Tonight’s HOH competition was your standard booth-style memory competition where the houseguests each stand in their own booths and answers questions from Julie.


Big Brother 19 Week 7 Head of Household Results –

  • Round 1: Everyone got the first round right
  • Round 2: Mark, Kevin, Jason, and Paul were eliminated
  • Round 3: Everyone got the third round right
  • Round 4: Christmas was eliminated
  • Round 5: Cody, Elena, and Matt were eliminated
  • Round 6: Alex beats Raven, becoming the new HOH

This means that Cody’s only hope for surviving the week is either the temptation competition or the veto competition, assuming he even gets the chance to play in the latter, as it’s very possible they try to backdoor him if he doesn’t win safety before the nominations.

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