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Big Brother 19: Week 7 Double Eviction Targets

Tonight is the first double eviction of the summer, which will get the houseguests the first opportunity to really shake up the game all in one night if they chose to.

Once the regularly scheduled eviction is over, the houseguests will be hurried out into the backyard where they’ll compete for Head of Household. Once HOH has been won, the new person in charge will have just a few minutes to decide who they’ll nominate. Once nominations are made, the houseguests will be hurried out into the backyard again to compete for the Power of Veto. They’ll get a few minutes to decide on what should be done with the veto before the veto ceremony, followed soon by the second live eviction.

It’s pretty clear that it will be Cody going home tonight, so we aren’t going to factor him into the possible targets for the week. It’s also worth remembering that there isn’t going to be a jury battle back this summer, so whoever goes will be gone for good.


Christmas, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Matt, Paul, and Raven are all likely to put up Mark and Elena with the intention of sending Mark home. If anyone other than Matt or Raven win HOH, Matt would be the backup nominee if someone nominated were to win the Power of Veto. Despite being the target that this group wants out, it’s very likely that they’d be down to get Elena out if they could no longer get Mark due to the veto being won by him. Alex would be apart of this group of people going after Mark, but she won’t be able to compete in tonight’s HOH.

That leaves just Elena and Mark. We don’t know exactly what they’re going to do, but it’s likely that they put up Alex and Paul or Paul and Josh. Mark first talked about putting up Alex and Paul, but then changed it to Paul and Josh. However, since saying Paul and Josh, Mark did say that putting up Christmas or Josh would be the biggest waste since neither of those two do anything.

Elena is very likely to put up both Alex and Paul, as she’s completely fed up with Alex, unlike Mark who just recently said that Alex is someone who keeps their word. Both Elena and Mark are onto Paul’s game, so the odds are of Paul being their main target. The only chance they would have of getting Paul out it seems would be for Alex or Jason to be nominated alongside him, and even then it would be a really close vote. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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