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Big Brother 19: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Plans

It’s been a high stakes week in the Big Brother house and that’ll all come to a head during today’s veto meeting. It’ll seal the fate of everyone’s target this week.

Josh nominated Mark and Elena alongside Jessica, who came in last in the temptation competition, automatically making herself the third nominee. Since Mark won the veto, he has made it clear to everyone in the house that there is no way that he doesn’t use it to take himself off the block.

Christmas was first to volunteer to go up as a pawn to Josh, but Josh refused since they’re so close and didn’t want to put her in that position. The next people to volunteer was Matt and Raven. Originally Josh and Christmas agreed that it should be Matt, as they should leave Raven to be used as a “pawn” when they actually want her out, but after Matt and Raven spoke about it, they came to Josh and told him that they’d prefer it be Raven who goes up. Josh agreed to nominate Raven as the replacement nominee.

Mark will use the veto on himself and Josh will nominate Raven in his place, leaving Elena, Jessica, and Raven nominated for eviction going into Thursday’s live show. Josh has been flipping back and forth several times each day on who he wants out, but for the time being he has settled on what the house wants and that is to get rid of Jessica.

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