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Big Brother 19: Houseguests’ Week 6 Targets

Even though the houseguests will find out it was all for nothing before tonight’s vote, it’s been the most drama-filled week of the summer so far, making this coming week’s HOH and targets that much more important.

Jessica and Cody are on the block going into tonight’s eviction, which means that Jessica will be using her Halting Hex temptation that America gave to her to halt the eviction, saving her and Cody for the week as they move on to start week six. While they might have saved themselves this week, they’re going to be in trouble if neither of them are able to win HOH.

For Alex, Christmas, Elena, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Matt, and Raven, the targets will remain as Cody and Jessica. They each plan to nominate Cody and Jessica outright, with the first objective of sending Jessica home, but would also be perfectly fine with sending Cody home too. As for secondary targets if Cody and Jessica save themselves via temptation competition and veto, Mark and Elena find themselves in danger with Alex, Christmas, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Matt, and Raven all planning on coming after them. It’s not clear who Elena’s backup target would be, but it’s very possible that it would be either Josh, which is very unlikely to work, or either Matt or Raven.

Cody and Jessica’s target is Paul, who they plan to put up next to Raven. However, Jessica has mentioned the plan of putting up Alex and Raven, winning the veto, taking Alex down, then putting Paul up to face Raven on the block come eviction night. Despite it being very unlikely that they’d have the votes to evict Paul if he was on the block next to Raven, that is what it looks like their plan is. If Paul wins his safety, it’s likely that the backup target would be Alex, as Jessica still doesn’t like her and Cody will do what Jessica wants for the most part.

The only questionable person going into tomorrow is Mark. Mark has pledged loyalty to both sides of the house, telling Jessica and Cody that he could never play an active part in getting them out while also telling the rest of the house that if he were to win, he’d put up Cody and Jessica to finally clear his name. While it seems like Mark has put himself in the position to throw the HOH, he has made it clear that he knows he’s at the bottom of the totem pole, in behind on Jessica and Cody on the target list. Mark has made his disdain for Matt and Raven pretty clear to Paul, so it’s possible that he uses them as a “pawn”, which would allow him to save face with Cody and Jessica, but in reality he would be drawing a very clear line in the sand, as Paul wouldn’t let that stand without completely casting Mark out.

  • Betty Barratt

    Looking forward to tonight. I’m team Paul and if this trial run of the the challenge, Jody does not have a chance.

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