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Big Brother 19: Week 6 POV Results

This week’s veto competition will likely end up being one of the most consequential of the summer, as it has the potential to completely shake up the game depending on who wins.

Josh nominated Elena and Mark alongside Jessica, who lost the temptation competition and became the third nominee. Alex was selected to play and so was Cody, but Christmas used her Ring of Replacement to take his spot. This means that it has the appearance of being 5 vs 1, but Josh has something up his sleeve if he were able to pull out the win.

Mark managed to pull out the win, which seemingly seals the fate for Jessica. While Josh will continue to push for Elena to be evicted, it’s unlikely that anyone else actually gets on board with that plan. Christmas has been placating Josh, but her keeping Jessica in the house after using her Ring of Replacement is unlikely.

However this is very early speculation and anything could change. Christmas volunteered to be the pawn once Mark pulls himself down, but Josh said he didn’t want to put her up. The name that he threw out as a potential replacement nominee was Raven.

  • Betty Barratt

    Elaina had a point before the noms, that if a pawn is all Josh wanted, then why not Paul? Now Josh wont let Christmas be a pawn for what ever reason and instead wants Raven. He does not make sense. Perhaps he does not understand the definition of PAWN.

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