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Big Brother 19: Week 6 POV Ceremony Results

This week’s veto meeting might have accomplished what was attempted since week, which is breaking up the biggest and most obvious power couple in the house.

Josh originally wanted to nominate Cody and Jessica, but after Cody won safety and Jessica became the third nominee, he had two put up two different nominees. He nominated Mark and Elena, telling both that they’re pawns. Mark was a pawn, but Elena was actually a target for Josh. Josh was hoping that these would be the nominees come Thursday, but Mark managed to win the Power of Veto.

Mark used that veto to pull himself off the block. Josh nominated Raven as the replacement nominee. Raven volunteered to be the replacement, giving up the chance to vote Jessica out like she said that she wanted, but also gives her the opportunity to make a speech against Jessica on Thursday.

Josh has flipped over a dozen times between Jessica and Elena on who he wants out, but now it’s out of his hands as his HOH reign has basically come to an end, as the only power he has left is to break a tie if there is one. Despite this, Josh is currently on board with getting Jessica out like the everyone else, but this is surely to change at least a few more times by Thursday.

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