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Big Brother 19: Week 6 Nomination Plans

Another two houseguests will be nominated for eviction today, though who it is likely isn’t going to be a surprise to anyone, though things could be shaken up before the nomination ceremony.

With Josh’s surprise win in last night’s HOH competition it was very clear that Cody and Jessica were going to be the two targets for Josh, as he’s very close with Paul and Josh was nominated and targeted by Jessica and Cody only a few weeks ago.

The plan going into the week is for Jessica to be the actual target, but they want to pretend like Cody is the target so that they can blindside Jessica at the eviction. Josh has been telling Mark and Elena that they’re targeting Cody with the expectation that they’re going to tell Jessica or Cody about it. The expectation is for Cody to be rattled going into the next HOH competition.

Though this could all be for naught and Jessica or Cody might not even be nominated since they’ll both be competing in the Temptation Competition. Jessica and Cody’s plan going into that is if it looks like one of them is going to win, the other should throw it to ensure that they get to compete in the POV.

Paul also threw out the idea of nominating Jessica next to Alex, then not letting Cody compete in the veto competition by using Christmas’ temptation, but it’s unlikely that Josh would actually listen to that, as everyone else in the house has been clear that Jessica and Cody should be nominated outright.

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    What is Christmas’s temptation?

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