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Big Brother 19: Week 6 Nomination Ceremony Results

The plan going into this week’s nominations were pretty straight forward, though a conversation beforehand gave us some insight as to what could happen if one of the nominees take themselves down.

Since Josh won HOH, it was fairly clear from the beginning that his targets were going to be Cody and Jessica, but that was all thrown out the window when Cody won the temptation competition and Jessica lost it, making her the third nominee, forcing Josh to put up two of his own instead.

Josh nominated Mark and Elena. Jessica was the third nominee for losing the temptation competition. While Josh might be playing it off as Mark and Elena just being pawns with the intention of getting Jessica out this week, he has made it clear to his closest allies, Christmas and Paul, that his actual goal is to get Elena out. Paul is extremely against it, but Christmas is in favor of it.

Despite Paul’s opposition, Josh made it clear to the viewers at home while in private that he wasn’t going to stop pushing for Elena to go and that he knew it would just take some time to finally get Paul to see the light on why it should be Elena to be evicted this week. It’ll all come down to the veto competition this week, as if Jessica does manage to win it, the odds of Josh getting his way and Elena going home will go up dramatically.

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