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Big Brother 19: Week 5 Veto Ceremony Plans

It was a busy week yesterday as Paul worked overtime on his plan to try to get Jessica to agree to not use her Hex, which might all come down to the action he takes today at the veto meeting.

For obvious reasons, Jessica was concerned about not using the Hex, then being sent home. The only way that Paul could placate that concern would be to use the veto on Jessica, then put up Alex as the pawn, since that is who Jessica wants out the most for the time being. Paul seemed open to the idea, but ended up siding against it.

Paul gave his word to Jason that he’d use the veto on him if he won the veto, which is what it looks like Paul is going to do. That will leave Jessica and Cody on the block and virtually guarantees that Jessica will use the Halting Hex. While Jessica has gotten into several fights this week with Cody and is likely to get into more, the pair has always made up after a few hours and gone back to wanting to keep each other in the game.

It’s very possible that the plan switches to using the veto on Jessica, but as everything currently stands, that isn’t what Paul is planning on doing.

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