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Big Brother 19: Week 5 POV Results

It’s been an interesting week so far with a blindside at the nominations and several fights that followed, but everything looks like today’s veto competition will be for naught.

Since Paul nominated Cody and Jessica for eviction this week, it means that Jessica’s temptation will be getting used no matter what, as it’s impossible for both of them to come off the block now. While Cody and Jessica know this, Paul and the majority of the house don’t, so they have been continuing this week and studying for the veto as if they’re going to take Cody out.

The competition this week was the BB Storm Watch, a competition that we saw last year around week nine. The houseguests were given forecasts throughout the night that they had to remember going into the competition today. While everyone else stayed up to story, Cody and Jessica didn’t go to any of the forecasts other than the first one, instead choosing to sleep.

Paul won the POV. He’s yet to figure exactly what the temptation is, but he’s been trying to get Jessica to agree to not use it and let Cody be taken out, but the odds of that happening are slim to none. This week is almost guaranteed to be a reset week now.

  • Smackermack

    Christmas still has her replacement temptation right?

    • Barbara Boyd Boren

      She doesn’t have a replacement temptation. She has a temptation where she can take the place of someone else playing in the Veto Comp, if she is not chosen to play.

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