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Big Brother 19: Week 5 Nomination Plans

With Jessica revealing her temptation to the house and Julie announcing the new Temptation competition, this week’s nominations could actually end up being different than what was originally planned.

Paul won his second HOH of the summer, which gives him the chance to try to take out Cody once again like Paul did during his first HOH, but this time he has to put up with whatever Jessica’s temptation is. Jessica said that it keeps both her and Cody safe for several weeks, but Paul doesn’t believe her.

Paul’s plan this week is to call Jessica’s bluff by putting her and Cody up on the block to see if it’s true or not whether Jessica can be nominated. Paul’s back up plan for if he really couldn’t nominate Jessica and Cody would be to put up Mark and Elena, but that won’t be the case. Since there is a chance for Jessica or Cody to win safety via the Temptation Competition, these nominations could end up changing.

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