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Big Brother 19: Week 5 Nomination Ceremony Results

This week’s nominations are sure to shake things up in the house, despite the fact that we know what is going to be happening during Thursday’s live show.

Just after Paul won HOH, Jessica revealed to the house that she received the final temptation from America the week before and that her and Cody are safe for a few weeks. Because Jessica said that it kept both her and Cody safe, several people, including Paul, didn’t believe her. Paul was immediately settled on flushing out whatever Jessica’s actual temptation was.

Paul nominated Jessica and Cody. Jessica and Cody could have competed in the Temptation Competition in hopes of one of them winning that with the other winning veto, but Jessica was convinced that Paul wouldn’t put up neither her nor Cody, so she talked Cody out of it.

Since Jason got last place in the Temptation Competition, that means that he’s nominated alongside Cody and Jessica. These nominations were a surprise to Jessica, as she was convinced that Paul wasn’t even going to put up Cody as a pawn, let alone her and Cody up together.  She’ll have to use her temptation during Thursday’s live show no matter what now.

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