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Big Brother 19: Week 5 HOH Competition Results

While I seemingly say that each HOH is going to be an important one, this one actually is, as several of the houseguests were just blindsided at the eviction and are going to want to both secure their spot and possibly get back at those who lied to them!

With Ramses just being evicted after Cody, Jessica, Mark, and Elena all expected it to be Josh, they’re going to be gunning for this HOH with everything they have.

The competition this evening is the picture memory competition. The houseguests were shown photoshopped images last night for a few minutes. They spent most of the night studying with each other as to what each of them remember. The competition went in rounds, with houseguests who got it wrong being eliminated. The lsat houseguest remaining would become the next HOH.


Big Brother 19 Week 5 Head of Household Results –

  • Round 1: Elena was eliminated
  • Round 2: Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, and Josh were eliminated
  • Round 3: Nobody was eliminated
  • Round 4: Nobody was eliminated
  • Round 5: Christmas and Jason were eliminated
  • Round 6: Paul becomes the new HOH


Jessica revealed her temptation just after the competition was over, which means that we’re going to be in for an interesting week to see if Paul wants to test that power or go with a safer option, such as Mark or Elena.

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