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Big Brother 19: Week 5 Eviction Results

The houseguests have been bust scheming all week in preparation for tonight’s eviction, but they were soon to find out that it was all for naught and that they’d have to start over.

Once Paul nominated Cody and Jessica, it was clear to the fans at home that Jessica was going to have virtually no choice when it came to using the Halting Hex this week. Despite her having told several houseguests, including Paul, exactly what it does, Paul spent several hours debating it last night and came to the conclusion that Jessica will only be able to save herself with it, leaving Cody open to be evicted.

Jessica used the Halting Hex, which nullified the eviction and took both her and Cody off the block. Paul and Alex, the two most convinced that someone was going home, realized quickly that they were wrong and that Paul won’t even get to compete in the upcoming HOH like they were guessing last night. Now everything just comes down to the HOH competition, since Jessica’s temptation is over and everyone is once again eligible for eviction.

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