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Big Brother 19: Week 4 POV Results

The outcome of today’s veto competition will be solely based around either nominee winning, as they’re the only two that could really shake up the plans for this week.

Jessica nominated Josh and Ramses. Christmas, Cody, and Jason were selected to play in the veto alongside them. Jessica and Cody’s target is Josh, so they’re hoping for anyone but Josh to win. However, nearly everyone else other than Mark and Elena are planning on keeping Josh in the house and sending Ramses out, behind the backs of Cody, Jessica, Elena, and Mark. Which means that either nominee winning could seriously throw a wrench in this week’s plans.

Jessica won the Power of Veto, giving her complete power to decide which nominees will be nominated for eviction come Thursday. Right now it seems like she’ll be keeping the nominations the same, thinking that everyone is going to send Josh home, but as it stands, it’ll actually be Ramses who will go home. This is Big Brother, so there is still plenty of time for these plans to change.

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