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Big Brother 19: Week 4 POV Ceremony Results

The actions taken at today’s veto meeting will completely set the course for the week, as Jessica has been given the chance to attempt a backdoor of anyone she wants.

Jessica won HOH this week, nominating Josh and Ramses for eviction. She later went on to also win the Power of Veto, which gives her the power to choose who the final nominees that’ll be nominated for eviction come Thursday. Jessica might have the chance to put up anyone she wants, but she has made it clear that her ultimate target is Josh.

Jessica decided not to use the POV, leaving Josh and Ramses nominated for eviction. Jessica told Cody that she did this because the house is unified in getting Josh out and that she doesn’t have to get any more blood on her hands. Jessica also said that by showing she didn’t have a backdoor plan, it should gain her some trust with the main group. What Jessica doesn’t know is that Paul has orchestrated a plan to get Ramses out instead, which is going to end up being a blindside to Jessica and Cody on Thursday.

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