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Big Brother 19: Week 4 Nomination Ceremony Results

Typically going into nominations we have an idea as to who is going up, but since the feeds were down, we didn’t even know who the HOH was, let alone who they were going to nominate.

With Jessica ending up winning HOH this week after Cody just returned to the house, it was time to see if she was going to stick with the house plan or make a move right off the bat by putting up two big targets up outright.

Jessica nominated Ramses and Josh for eviction. This means that she did decide to stick with the house plan. It also means that even if she were to want to try to backdoor Paul, she wouldn’t have the numbers against either nominee. There is still a chance that someone like Christmas or Mark could end up being backdoored, but neither of those names have been mentioned yet by Jessica, so it’s pure speculation.

We’ll have a much better idea of what’s going to happen this week after the Power of Veto competition is played and we find out if a replacement nominee will even be going up this week at all. Make sure to check back later today for those results!

  • Betty Barratt

    I would so love to see Josh actually go home.

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