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Big Brother 19: Week 4 HOH Competition Results

This week’s HOH competition was more important that usual, as an evicted houseguest just returned and the houseguests who evicted him will obviously be in fear of potentially being targeted.

Following Cody’s win at the Battle Back Showdown, the HOH competition was held. The competition took place while the feeds were down and was competed before they even came back on, so we have no idea what the actual competition was. We only know who managed to come out victorious.

Jessica managed to pull out the HOH win, securing her safety after a rough week of being on the block and securing Cody’s safety so that he cannot be sent right back out the door after just returning. Now what we have to look forward to is seeing what Jessica does with her HOH, as she now has the potential to try to get out whomever she wants.

  • Betty Barratt

    I was watching the feeds and assumed it was Cody who won. What a shocker.

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