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Big Brother 19: Week 4 Eviction Results

It’s been a pretty slow week in the Big Brother house, but things started to finally heat up last night when Jessica found out there was a plan to blindside her at the eviction. She’ll finally see if that was true or not tonight.

Jessica nominated Josh and Ramses with the intention of sending Josh home this week, but there was immediately a plan devised by Paul to keep Josh in the house to mess with Cody and Jessica while also being a number for him. This plan was completely kept from Cody and Jessica up until about 24 hours out from the eviction, when Kevin informed her that the votes might have flipped.

Jessica only tried to sure up votes from less than half of the houseguests, before seemingly giving up on trying to save Ramses. While each of those houseguests told her that they were voting to evict Josh, virtually all in private said that they still planned on evicting Ramses.


Big Brother 19 Week 4 Votes –

  • Christmas voted to evict Ramses
  • Cody voted to evict Josh
  • Mark voted to evict Josh
  • Matt voted to evict Ramses
  • Raven voted to evict Ramses
  • Elena voted to evict Josh
  • Kevin voted to evict Ramses
  • Alex voted to evict Ramses
  • Paul voted to evict Ramses
  • Jason voted to evict Ramses
  • By a vote of 7-3, Ramses was evicted

This makes the divide in the house extremely clear, with Cody, Jessica, Elena and Mark on one side vs everyone else. However, Jessica won’t be able to compete this week, so it’ll essentially be everyone in the house vs just three people. With Jessica’s temptation, we’re guaranteed a pretty interesting week.

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