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Big Brother 19: Week 4 Eviction Plans

It started out a pretty slow week with the nominations happening before the live feeds returned, but things have gotten pretty interesting within the last 24 hours.

Jessica nominated Josh and Ramses with the intention of sending Josh home. Everyone pretended to be on board with her plan, so when Jessica also won the veto, she decided to keep the nominations the same. This solidified Paul’s secret plan to get everyone to evict Ramses instead. Jessica was left completely in the dark, thinking that Josh would be evicted, until Wednesday afternoon.

Kevin told Jessica that he believed that there was a plan to flip the votes and that Ramses might be going home. Jessica scattered, hoping to sure up votes from a few people she believed she’d be able to influence, but Christmas just said that if Jessica was still feeling uneasy about the vote tomorrow morning, Christmas would solidify how she was going to vote. When Cody asked Jason and Alex, Jason said that he was voting to evict Josh, but Alex told him straight up that she isn’t going to promise her vote to anyone.

While people like Jason and Christmas have seemingly given their word to Jessica and Cody, they all plan to still vote Ramses out. Right now, the vote is looking like it’ll be 7-3 to evict Ramses, but what is very likely is a 6-4 to evict Ramses, with Kevin voting to evict Josh to sure up his position with Jessica, as it’s Jessica’s temptation that got Kevin to tell Jessica about the plan in the first place. Something pretty drastic would have to happen within the next 12 hours before the eviction for it to turn against Josh.

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