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Big Brother 19: Week 3 Veto Ceremony Plans

This week’s veto ceremony will be one of the most uncertain we’ve had so far of the summer, as the plan has switched back and forth well over a dozen times in only a couple days.

After Alex nominated Dominique and Jessica, it was Jason who won the POV. Since Jason has a relatively close relationship with Jessica since he was good friends with Cody, she was his go-to on who he’d be using the veto on. Alex, Kevin, and Paul, all agreed that Jessica is who should be taken off, but it’s who the replacement nominee would be that made Jason hesitate.

Paul lobbied Alex hard for Mark to be the replacement nominee since he’s so close to Dominique and they couldn’t ensure his vote or that he wouldn’t campaign on behalf of Dominique. Alex agreed, who turned around and lobbied Jason on this plan. Jason and Mark have a secret duo, so he was adamantly against the plan, pushing for Raven to go up, but Alex refused to agree to that idea. Mark made his opposition to this plan plainly known, telling Jason that he might end up going home if he’s used as the pawn. Jason shook Mark’s hand and told him that he wouldn’t use the veto.

Even though the latest plan is for Jason to not use the veto, he has switched back and forth on what he’s going to do more than 6 times yesterday alone, so it’s very possible that he ends up using the veto on Jessica and Mark is put up as the replacement nominee, with everyone having the same intention of sending Dominique home.

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