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Big Brother 19: Week 3 POV Ceremony Results

The actions at this week’s veto meeting could be the final nail in Dominique’s coffin or could leave her with a fighting hope and the ability for her ally to campaign on her behalf.

Alex nominated Jessica and Dominique with the full intention of sending Dominique home. Once Jason won the veto, it was up to him to either leave the nominations the same or pull Jessica off and put up a better pawn who is less of a target for the entire house. Paul lobbied hard for Mark to be that replacement since he’s so close to Dominique and this is how they could ensure he doesn’t campaign for her, but Paul doesn’t know that Mark and Jason have a secret duo, which made Jason adamantly against that idea from the start.

Jason decided to NOT use the Power of Veto, leaving Dominique and Jessica nominated for eviction. While Dominique is most definitely fighting an uphill battle, she’ll have a strong ally in Mark, who is still in tight with their original group, to subtly campaign for her if he chooses.

Based on conversations directly after the meeting, it sounds like Dominique did call Paul a snake after all, which means that we’re sure to have some fallout as Paul works to keep his allies from believing what Dominique said and will continue to say.

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