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Big Brother 19: Week 3 Nomination Plans

This week was originally going to be a straight-forward week where the easiest targets were going to be nominated, but the rogue votes during the eviction have changed that.

After Ramses received two more votes than expected during last night’s eviction, Alex ended up winning HOH. It was speculated on all night as to who it was that flipped on them, with eventually everyone agreeing that it was definitely Christmas and potentially Dominique, Mark, or Kevin. Though this isn’t the main reason Alex will make the moves she wants this week. It just gives the perfect cover story.

After debating for hours with Jason and Paul separately, Alex is planning on nominating Jessica like everyone wants her to, that way she doesn’t completely rock the boat, but is also planning on nominating Dominique alongside her. Alex’s reasoning is that she doesn’t trust the relationship that Mark and Dominique have. Despite being aligned with her, Paul was also one pushing for Dominique to be targeted, saying that it wouldn’t be bad if Jessica went home this week, but that he believes it should be Dominique.

Alex’s plan if someone was to take themselves down with the veto is to put up Christmas as the replacement nominee, though this could change to Mark over the course of the week, as that was originally the plan that Alex was wanting to go with, before changing her potential replacement nominee to Christmas later in the night.

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