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Big Brother 19: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Plans

It was just over a week ago when Cody’s plans for the veto meeting when it up in flames when he found out that Paul had the Pendant of Protection. Sadly, this week’s veto meeting probably won’t be nearly as eventful.

After Paul won the HOH, Cody was his obvious target after Cody attempted to backdoor him last week. The plan that Paul put together went off without a hitch, which means that the only reason decision Paul will have to make is who he’ll use the veto he won on. He originally told Alex that he was going to take her off when he was convincing her to be a pawn, but that plan has since changed.

Paul now has plans to use the veto on Josh with the intention of replacing him with Cody. The reason he decided to leave Alex on the block despite trusting her more than nearly everyone in the house is because he didn’t trust Jason’s vote and knew that Josh wasn’t that popular, so he felt like it would have been too tempting and something Cody could have actually campaigned on. Alex agreed to the plan, giving Paul her approval of leaving her on the block, so any drama following that move is very unlikely.

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