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Big Brother 19: Week 2 POV Results

This week’s Power of Veto competition is going to be crucial to determining what’s going to come of Thursday’s eviction, but in a very different way than what you’d probably be expecting.

Typically the Head of Household is worried about the nominees winning the veto or the backdoor target being selected to play in it, but that isn’t the case this week. Both of Paul’s nominees are pawns that he wants to win and with Christmas’ ability to swap places with any selected player, there is no chance that Cody will get to play in today’s competition.

With Paul, Alex, Josh, and Ramses guaranteed to play, that only left two other houseguests to be picked. Christmas ended up not having to use her temptation, as Matt and Elena were selected. The only fear was Ramses winning and taking himself down, as there wouldn’t be a replacement nominee put up after that.

Paul managed to win the veto, securing his plan in stone to backdoor Cody. It just comes down to who he’s going to take off. As of now, Paul plans on using the veto to take Josh off the block because he doesn’t trust Jason and knows that Jason wouldn’t ever vote to evict Alex.

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