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Big Brother 19: Week 2 POV Ceremony Results

This week’s veto meeting was a lot more tame and predictable than last week’s, as Cody’s attempt to backdoor Paul made him into the obvious target once Paul took power this week.

Once Paul won HOH this week, he nominated Alex and Josh with the full intention of them only being pawns in hopes of not letting Cody get a chance at competing in the veto, which worked exactly how Paul wanted it to. Paul ended up sweeping the week by winning the veto as well, giving him the ability to take off whoever he’d like.

Paul ended up using the veto on Josh and choosing Cody as the replacement nominee. Originally Paul planned on taking Alex off, but figured it wasn’t worth the risk of leaving someone as dislike as Josh up next to Cody, who Paul needs to go home this week.

Cody’s fate is completely sealed, as the vote heading into Thursday looks like it’s going to be 10-1 against Cody, with Jessica being his only vote. Cody has already accepted this fate and is banking on the fact that there will be a battle back competition that’ll allow him to compete to come back into the house. Instead of campaigning for himself this week, Cody has been campaigning for Jessica in hopes of securing her future in the game without him there.

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