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Big Brother 19: Week 2 Nomination Plans

We knew the moment the new HOH was crowned that we were in for a crazy week and that exception didn’t disappoint. It took hours to settle on who to nominate, but Paul finally made his choice last night after speaking with everyone in his group.

Cody attempted to backdoor Paul last week, which obviously makes Paul want to get his revenge, but he’s not the only one wanting Cody out this week. Every single person in Cody’s nine person alliance now want him out this week, with Jessica being the exception. Paul doesn’t want to risk letting Cody compete in the veto and take himself off, so Paul’s plan is to use a pair of pawns.

Paul spoke with both Alex and Josh about his plan to backdoor Cody, telling them both that if they agreed to be pawns, they wouldn’t have anything to fear, because at worst, Ramses would be the one going home if Cody managed to win the veto and didn’t use it, insinuating that he’s expecting Ramses to fulfill his curse this week by making himself the third nominee.

This means that we’re full expecting Paul to nominate Alex and Josh, but with the full intention of backdooring Cody at the veto meeting. Paul doesn’t want his actual plan to be known, but Cody is already onto the chance of Paul using pawns in the hopes of not letting him compete in the veto competition. We’ll be sure to post the results after the nomination ceremony, so be sure to check back around 2-3PM EST!

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