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Big Brother 19: Week 2 Nomination Ceremony Results

It’s been a hectic first two weeks of the summer, which definitely isn’t going to be slowed down by today’s nominations. However, there is more than meets the surface when it comes to the decisions that were made.

Paul managed to pull off the HOH win after an attempted backdoor was pulled on him by Cody, which obviously makes Cody the clear target, but that doesn’t mean that he’s going to be getting nominated today. Paul wants to avoid the chance of Cody playing in the veto, so he decided to go with nominating two pawns instead.

Paul nominated Alex and Josh, who both agreed to go along with Paul’s plan in order to get Cody out. Ramses also put himself up as the third nominee as part of his curse from last week. The goal is for one of them to win veto, take themselves off, then Cody can by put up as the replacement without any ability to save himself.

With Christmas receiving the Ring of Replacement, it seems as though Cody’s fate is sealed so long as Ramses isn’t the one who wins the veto, as if he takes himself off, there isn’t any replacement nominee that goes up.

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