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Big Brother 19: Week 2 HOH Competition Results

With Cody, Jessica, and Alex just being blindsided with Jillian’s eviction, tonight’s HOH competition is going to be a fight for the death as Jessica fights to try to keep her and Cody safe while Alex fights to get revenge for Jillian.

Tonight’s competition will be an endurance that we’ll all get to watch on the Live Feeds. (You can watch for FREE using a 7 day trial by signing up here). Aside from Jessica and Alex, nearly everyone is planning on using their HOH to target Cody and Jessica this week, making the stakes all that much higher for those were just blindsided at the eviction.

Tonight’s competition is Candy Crush Saga themed. There will be candy falling from the sky, with some of them containing tickets inside that let the houseguest in question redeem a ball that they can use to drop into one of three ramps. The goal is to get the ball in the center of a heart that’s in the middle of the board.


Big Brother 19 Week 2 Head of Household Competition –

  • PAUL managed to win after just under 45 minutes

This means that Cody and Jessica are going to be the obvious targets for the week after Cody tried backdooring him just days ago. We’re in for a very crazy week in the Big Brother house.

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