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Big Brother 19: Week 2 Eviction Results

While tonight’s eviction might have been one of the most predictable we’ll have of the summer, a couple potential rogue votes kept things interesting.

After Cody tried to backdoor Paul last week and Paul obtained power the next week, the target was obvious and the plan to get Cody out went off without a hitch. Despite this being Paul’s plan and objective to get Cody out, he’s the one who is prodding for a rogue vote to sow confusion within the house once Cody is gone.

Days before the eviction, Paul convinced seemingly Kevin to vote out Ramses. Paul’s reasoning was that it was make everyone start second guessing people and implied that it would be Jason who would likely take the blame. What Paul didn’t plan for was Christmas to be the other hinky vote.


Big Brother 19 Week 2 Votes –

  • Christmas voted to evict Ramses
  • Matthew voted to evict Cody
  • Dominique voted to evict Cody
  • Elena voted to evict Cody
  • Jason voted to evict Cody
  • Jessica voted to evict Ramses
  • Mark voted to evict Cody
  • Josh voted to evict Cody
  • Kevin voted to evict Ramses
  • Raven voted to evict Cody
  • By a vote of 7-3-0, Jillian has been evicted


That is two more votes against Ramses than nearly everyone in the house was expecting, which is bound to have fallout once the HOH competition is over. You can watch the fallout and the endurance HOH competition on the live feeds using a free trial by signing up here!

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