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Big Brother 19: Week 2 Eviction Plans

This week’s eviction will be a lot more clear cut than last week’s, but there is a high likelihood that a couple votes are going to lead to backlash that could actually affect certain houseguests for the rest of the summer.

While the entire house is in agreement on wanting Cody gone this week, there are a few houseguests who have ulterior motives. The majority of houseguests are expecting a 10-1 vote, with Cody being evicted and the sole person who didn’t vote against him being Jessica, but that isn’t going to be the case. It’s possible we’re going to have as many as two intentionally hinky votes.

The first hinky vote is likely to be Kevin, with Paul convincing him that by voting to evict Ramses instead of Cody, it’ll sow confusion in the house, all while Kevin supposedly goes unblamed. Paul told Kevin that nobody would suspect Kevin being the hinky vote since everyone seems to believe that Kevin is just going with the flow of what the house wants. Kevin made it clear to Paul that he didn’t have a problem with voting this week, which all but makes at least one hinky vote to be fretted over after the eviction.

What Paul and Kevin didn’t plan for is Jason throwing a hinky vote out there on his own. It was implied that Jason would be the one to take the blame for Kevin’s vote, but that all changes with Jason voting out Ramses himself. Jason’s vote will be fairly obvious once the numbers are read, but what to look for is who takes the blame for Kevin’s vote, since Ramses isn’t there as a scapegoat this week.


That all being said, the vote is likely to be 8-3-0 to evict Cody, with the three votes to evict Ramses being Jessica, Jason, and Kevin. You can watch the fallout from tonight’s eviction, including the endurance competition that’s going to follow, on the Live Feeds for free with a 7 day trial by signing up here.

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