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Big Brother 19: Week 2 Den of Temptation Spoilers

It’s time for another houseguest to be tempted with a new power, but knowing that there is going to be someone in the house that is cursed if they were to take it. While this week’s temptation isn’t as powerful as last week’s, it still has the ability to really shake things up.

Julie Chen from Big Brother 19 – Source: CBS

This week’s temptation is called the Ring of Replacement, which allows the recipient to play in any veto competition they want this summer if they’re not picked a player like is usually done. This power can only be used once. This means that if a houseguest fears they’re going to be backdoored and isn’t picked to play in veto, they’ll get the chance to compete for their safety if they choose.

Christmas ended up being voted for the temptation, giving her the power to switch places with anyone other than the nominations or HOH to play in the veto competition. Christmas doesn’t know what the curse is, but she also got to choose which three people would be affected by it. She chose Jessica, Cody, and Ramses.

Christmas’ plan now is to take Cody’s spot in the veto competition if he gets picked to play. If this happens, the feeds after are going to be mayhem as Cody was already pissed enough over his feelings that he was screwed by production with Paul’s 3 weeks of safety. You can watch a week’s worth of fallout on the Live Feeds by signing up here!

  • Terik123

    Paul has all the advantages but no consequences….the game is rigged and it ruins BB. He is now HoH and has POV and that can happen again ni this game and he still enjoys immunity. Goodbye BB…?unfair!

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