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Big Brother 19: Week 11 Special Eviction Plans

The houseguests don’t quite know it yet, but there will be a special eviction later this evening, bringing them down to the final four.

We won’t see the eviction until tomorrow night, but it’ll be recorded later this evening. There are only two votes, which makes things fairly straight forward, but we’re going to continue like we have all summer with a article laying out how things are likely to end up going.

Josh nominated Alex and Kevin this week. Alex was always the target, but she thought that if her or Paul were to win the veto, she’d be safe and Kevin would finally be going home in front of her. However, when Paul did end up winning the veto, he told her a day later that he can’t use the veto on her because he risks too many jury votes by doing so. Paul ended up keeping the nominees the same like he said.

Alex is likely to be evicted on a 2-0 vote. That will leave Christmas, Josh, Kevin, and Paul for the final four. Alex has been venting about Paul in private for the last few days, so it’s possible that she goes into jury bitter, which could end up being reinforced by Jason who is also very pissed at Paul. We’ll have to wait and see how things go at the jury roundtable.

There will be the final regularly scheduled live eviction of the summer on Thursday, bringing up down to the final three. Once we’re down to the final three, the houseguests will compete in two more Head of Household competitions before the live finale on Wednesday!


    having a brain fart- isn’t the HOH tonight after eviction? and POV will be live thursday? hopefully we will be able to find spoilers

    • Chi-rish

      No spoilers be cuz the feeds are down until midnight EST tomorrow unless we get some leaks beforehand. The eviction was taped today and will air tomorrow. Thursday will be another eviction and will bring HG down to 3. There’s a show on Friday which is believed to be a look back show. Then the finale next Wednesday

      • Susanne Farris Lingafelt

        No show Sunday?

  • Joanne Rak

    Hope Josh wins…he made me watch the show….big goofy goon and his crazy he proved he could wins events….too bad he let Paul keep calling him ,,,,fool,,,,,maybe he can call Paul the fool if he wins

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