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Big Brother 19: Week 11 POV Ceremony Results

There is less than 10 days left of the summer, which means that today’s veto ceremony was the last regularly scheduled veto meeting of Big Brother 19!

Josh nominated Alex and Kevin for eviction this week with the intention of sending Alex to jury. However, when Paul managed to win the veto, she figured that she was safe for the week and all but secured her spot in the final three since Paul was the last person she trusted, but she soon found out that it was all a lie and that he wasn’t as close to her as she had thought.

Paul decided to NOT use the Power of Veto, locking the nominations for the week and ensuring that either Alex or Kevin are evicted. As it stands, Alex will be going home by a 2-0 vote. There is a very small chance that the pot is really stirred this week if Christmas and Paul decide to split the vote and leave it to Josh, who has hinted earlier about telling Alex everything about the Misfists alliance and evicted Kevin with his tie-breaker.

That being said, Christmas and Paul agreed that there is no reason to split the votes now that Alex has checked out and accepted her fate after Paul warned her of it the night before. Alex was fairly bitter for the rest of the night, but still told Paul that she has her jury vote and will work the other jurors for him, so we’ll just have to wait until the jury roundtable episode to see just how well off Paul is when it comes to those who will vote for him to win the $500,000.

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