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Big Brother 19: Week 11 Nomination Plans

We’re down to just the final five now, which means that the moves that the times of using pawns are a thing of the past and targets will start being put up outright.

Josh ended up winning Head of Household last night, as both Christmas and Josh agreed to throw it to him and Kevin thought he was throwing the HOH to have Christmas take it again. Despite just voting out her ride or die, Alex is convinced that the target this week is Kevin because of Josh and Paul’s fight. Paul told Alex that him and Josh are on speaking terms this week because they have a common target in Kevin.

Josh will be nominating Alex and Kevin, though Kevin won’t be the target. The target will be Alex and Josh has plans on letting Alex know that after the veto competition. If Alex doesn’t win the veto, Josh wants him, Christmas, and Paul to all be up front with Alex that she’s being sent home at all of their hands, that way the blood is spread evenly among them. Josh will have almost no choice but to go along with this plan of telling Alex that she’s the target and is being voted out by all of them since Christmas and Josh are both likely to tell Alex that he’s in on it if Paul refuses.

Everything is going to come down to the veto competition, as if Alex does end up winning, Kevin almost surely is going home, but it’ll be the replacement nominee that is interesting. Christmas volunteered so that Paul wouldn’t have to go up, but it’s very unlikely that Josh puts up Christmas. Paul’s no-nomination streak could possibly be coming to an end if Alex pulls out the Power of Veto win.

  • lynne

    I really wish that Josh would put up Paul. He probably wouldn’t have the votes to get him out but it would be a smart move

  • NiHi

    I can’t believe how badly Xmas, Alex and Kevin are to have a F2 with Paul. What is wrong with these people?

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