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Big Brother 19: Week 11 Nomination Ceremony Results

We’re down to the final five now, which means that nominations will be much less eventful and putting virtually all of the suspense in who wins the veto and the outcome of the eviction voting.

Since Alex won the double eviction HOH last night, she wasn’t able to compete in the secondary HOH, leaving her completely vulnerable to be targeted right after her ride or die, Jason, was sent packing by a blindside during the live show. Despite how obvious it might seem that she’s the target, Alex went into the ceremony thinking that Kevin was the target.

Josh nominated Alex and Kevin for eviction. It seems as though Josh made it clear to Alex in his speech that Alex was the target and not Kevin. Josh originally wanted to tell Alex before the nomination ceremony that she would be going up as the target, but the ceremony was called before he got the chance.

Now it comes down to the veto competition, as if Alex does manage to win it, it’s likely that Paul goes up for the first time of the season, despite Christmas volunteering so that Paul wouldn’t have to. Alex fake cried to Josh after the ceremony, making Josh feel bad for betraying her, which made Josh sob in return. Christmas and Paul are now attempting to convince Josh that what Alex is doing is all an act and that he made the right move. We’ll just all have to wait and see what happens at the veto competition.

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