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Big Brother 19: Week 11 HOH Competition Results

Despite the eventful double eviction that took place, tonight’s Head of Household competition will be pretty straight forward, as the main target for the week cannot compete.

Since Alex won the double eviction HOH, that means that she wasn’t able to compete in tonight’s competition. After she was blindsiding during the first eviction by her ride or die being taken out, she then attached herself to Paul, as he had been the one who voted to evict Kevin and acted as if he was fighting with Josh about the vote, despite it all being planned.

Christmas, Josh, and Paul all made it clear that Alex is the target this week. Paul wanted to make sure Josh won the HOH and took the shot, as Paul want’s to be able to compete in next week’s competition. Josh agreed to try to win it, but with the condition that they tell Alex that she’s going home after the veto competition.

Josh did end up winning the competition, which means that Alex will be getting nominated outright tomorrow instead of pawns being used like Paul said he wanted last week. Since Josh is the HOH, that also means that Paul will have virtually no choice but to go along with Josh’s plan to make it clear to Alex that she’s going home if she doesn’t win the veto, as Josh wants to make sure that they equally get blood on their hands.

We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see it confirmed that Josh is putting up Alex and Kevin with the intention of sending Kevin out. However, Alex believes that Josh actually believes that Josh wants Kevin out, as Paul told her the reason they’re no longer fighting is because they have a common target in mind, so we could be in for an interesting week if Alex ends up finding out the truth.

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